Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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Why you need to be certified ?

About us

Cer Tour

Joint Operational Programme „Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”, financed from European Union Funds
Implementation period: May 2013 – May 2015
Main applicant and coordinator: Municipality of Xanthi, Greece
Total cost of the project: 529 648 EUR (90% represents EU contribution)
Partner 1: Black Sea Economic Centre, Bulgaria
Partner 2: “Ecotourism Association” NGO, Armenia
Partner 3: International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis, Georgia
Partner 4: Suruceni Town Administration, Republic of Moldova
Partner 5: Regional Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship of Zaporоzhye region, Ukraine

How to be certified

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how can an agropension be certified?

In March-April 2014 the Common Standard Framework will be elaborated and after, it will be adapted to each partner country (Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova) consisting of specific standard. The idea is to create a critical mass required for the expansion and the globalization of the certification system. The certificates will be awarded to the businesses after assessment by the registered assessors in each country.A group of assessors - 10 from each partner country will be trained and able to certify interested agropensions according to the elaborated standards. By the end of the project, at the beginning of 2015 - 5 agropensions from each country will be certified for free with the support of the project and will represent a model for the other interested touristic locations.

Who can be certified?

Any touristic location/institution that pretends to organize agrotourism according to the specific standards elaborated within the CerTour Project.

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