Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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Joint Training of Trainers on Common Standard Framework April 2-3 2014, Varna, Bulgaria

The beginning of April 2014 marked a key point in the implementation of the CerTour project. In Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, a Joint Trainers Training Seminar “Common Standard Framework” was organized by the Bulgarian partner Black Sea Economic Centre.

The subject of the seminar was the newly created common international quality standard - the basis of the quality system for certification of accommodation, catering and retail shop enterprises in the agrotourism sector of the project area, which has been one of the main tasks of the project CerTour.

Attendants of the seminar were representatives of all partners of CerTour from Greece, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia and Bulgaria. The trainees gained knowledge and experience which on going back to their regions should transfer to the local staff of their organizations.

The first day of the training was dedicated to the composition of the common standard framework, the methods that should be followed in order this standard to align with the local specificities in each region, the assessment process and the scoring system. The second day was intended for a case study where all the theoretical content was applied in practical exercises in order the actions of the trainees to be calibrated so that all the enterprises which would apply for certification in the future to be treated in a common and most objective way. The results of the case study showed that all the attendants of the seminar have reached the expertise necessary for the future successful completion and implementation of the quality certification system in the agro tourism sectors of the project area.

Participants’ impressions:

The training helped us to realize the complexity of the common standard but also the flexibility that is given to each beneficiary country to adapt the framework to local conditions – that is crucial for the sustainability and efficiency of the CerTour certification. We have to create clear parameters for the quality of the agroturism specifically in our countries, taking in to consideration local infrastructural conditions and capacity of the entrepreneurs to conform to the standard in reasonable time-frame conditions and with available local resources”, Valerian Tabirta, Republic of Moldova

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