Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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Steering committee meeting Varna - Bulgaria, 25-26 June 2014

The Steering committee meeting aimed to evaluate the progress of the CerTour Project after the first implementation year (May 2013 – May 2014) and update the common action plan for the next period.

Participants at the meeting, representatives of the partner organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine, have been discussing the perspectives and challenges related to the adaptation and application of CerTour Quality Model, which determined great interest and enthusiasm for local relevant actors.

In the majority of the countries the common standard framework, the main outcome of the project, was adapted to local conditions and it is going to be applied by the local selected assessors after a training session dedicated to learn how to certify agroturistic structures based on CerTour Model. The training will be held in each partner country at the end of the current summer.

During the meeting participants pointed out that the CerTour Model is a flexible instrument that intent to be continuously improved according to social and economic changes in the area and also to the needs and expectations of the further members. Thus, the CerTour network is expected to be a way to recognize and define the real agro touristic activities in the area of the Black Sea, which will not require big financial investments, but will definitely help the beneficiaries to understand the meaning of the client-oriented and authentic services. During the certification process the beneficiaries will learn how to reorient and value the existing resources to both quality and profitable services.

By the end of 2014, project partners have planned to organize study visits to different project countries in order to monitor the certification process, exchange experience, provide recommendations related to the implementation of the CerTour Quality Model. Thus, a representative of each partner organization will visit other two countries where the project is based and learn about the certification process.

At the end of the project, in the middle of 2015, at list 5 agro touristic locations in each of the partner countries will be certified from project resources.

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